Saturday, April 19, 2014

New "Henna

Henna tattoo artists take pride of their art and how they mix their henna. This video only shows the beautiful design of the henna tattoo. Henna Tattoos are done for any celebration, especially wedding in India. The darker the client's skin, the darker the tattoo result. Just keep the henna mix on the skin as long as possible, or until it fakes off. The tattoo color will darken in 2-3 days. This is a video shows Henna Tattoo as an art form on the skin. The tattoo artist is Aly Cad; hand model:
New "Henna, Self Taught" the book by Brenda Abdoyan is now in

New "Henna, Self Taught" the book by Brenda Abdoyan is now in publication and available wherever books are sold. ISBN-13: 978-1574214147. --I used a lot of henna in my art, I incorporate the designs inherent to the tradition in my drawings ..the curves, swirls and florals. I have been asked so many times for instruction on how I make my henna paste. I decided in 2009 to make a video. It is in three a fourth video of a tattoo made from the henna create during the video. Hope you find it useful. Below is the list of items used in this video:

Brewed Black Coffee
Pepper Corns and Whole Cloves
Cumin Seeds
2 cinnamon Sticks
50 g of Henna Powder (Jamila)
2 tsp granulated Sugar
2 tsp Tea Tree Oil

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