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making American Hamburgers right now

making hamburgers right now

For an all-American favorite please try my recipe for humburgers. They are utterly delicious and such a crowd pleaser.
According to The Food of the Western World - An Encyclopedia of food from North American and Europe:They originated on the German Hamburg-Amerika line boats. There was at that time a famous Hamburg beef which was salted and sometimes slightly smoked. As it was hard, it was minced and sometimes stretched with soaked breadcrumbs and chopped onion. It was popular with the Jewish emigrants, who continued to make Hamburg steaks, as the patties were then called.

Hamburger Recipes :: Easy Homemade Hamburgers

Home made hamburgers have to be one of my favorite foods. Hamburgers have developed a reputation as junk food. This is simply not true. Hamburgers are a good source of nutrients, proteins and vitamins. What makes them “junk food” is buying them from junk restaurants.

Making your own homemade hamburgers is not rocket science, and this is a ten minute recipe. Easy to do, but one hundred percent better than anything you could possibly get from one of the hamburger chains – just without the piece of plastic they use to buy your children’s affections. You may have guessed I am not a big fan of MacDonalds etc. Too true.

So, here is a simple guide to making your own hamburgers at home. You can cook them however you like. A skillet is easiest, but grilling hamburgers on a barbecue or a broiler is a lower fat way of cooking them because the fat either drops through on to the coals and produces a great smoky flavor on a grill or drops in to a drip tray under a broiler. (My own personal preference is to cook them in a Weber kettle barbecue - Hands down the best results.) Barbecue hamburgers are the ultimate as far as I am concerned. This makes 4 burgers, just increase the ingredients as needed for more.

You will need:


* A bowl
* A sharp knife
* A cutting board
* A skillet or heavy frying pan ( or a Grill )


* 1lb/500g ground sirloin
* 1 half onion grated or finely chopped
* 4 pinches ground coriander
* 4 pinches paprika powder
* A dash of fresh ground black pepper
* A pinch of salt
* A tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
* 1 egg lightly beaten

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